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Relieves Headaches In Minutes

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This New Wearable Device Can Provide All Natural Headache & Migraine Relief in Minutes


It’s unique for three main reasons:

1、It’s the world’s first headache solution to provide 360-degree head coverage, giving you maximum relief.

2、It’s made from dark materials, which naturally block out sunlight – a common cause of headaches.

3、It provides both hot and cold therapy in one easy-to-use device.

Personally, I use the doctor-approved cold compression therapy most often – the Headache Relief Cap’s thermal insulation allows it to stay cold 10x longer than a wet washcloth.

That said, I also use the heat therapy to relax when I’m feeling particularly tense. It’s great to have both options available!


How Does it Work?

The Headache Relief Cap’s 360° stretchable compression design makes a big difference. Because it wraps around your entire head, it’s able to evenly distribute the compression allowing it to hit all the important headache relief points on your head for maximum relief.

To use the cold therapy, simply take your Headache Relief Cap out of the freezer, easily slide it onto your head, relax for 10 minutes and enjoy the relief!

To use the hot therapy, simply microwave your Headache Relief Cap for 10 seconds. If you’d like it a bit warmer, keep zapping it in 5-second increments. When it’s at the desired temperature, just slide it on.


What Types of Pain Can it Help With?

The Headache Relief Cap’s “dual therapy” technique is extremely effective for relieving all sorts of head and facial pain – including:



Eye, Cranial, & Facial Tension

Sinus & Stress Relief

Puffy Eyes

Even better, the Headache Relief Cap is made with buttery-soft fabric that breathes easy – to me, it feels like a “cool pillow” around your head which feels incredible when your head is pounding.



It’s 100% safe to use (even on bare skin) and there’s no uncomfortable velcro, hard inserts, or ice to fuss with.


If you or a loved one suffers from headaches on a regular basis, then you absolutely HAVE to experience the Headache Relief Cap for yourself💖


Color: Sky Blue、Black、Pink

Material: Medical Gel

Weight: 330g

Size: 22*17*1.5cm | 8.7*6.7*0.6


1×Headache Relief Cap

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