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10,000 ultra-fine bristles

 Smoother and more efficient cleaning

No bleeding gums

Whiter teeth

2x longer life

Unique brushing sensation

A one-of-a-kind zero waste toothbrush!

It’s no surprise to anyone, plastic toothbrushes are a real environmental nightmare. 

Don’t panic, there is a much more eco-friendly alternative to take care of your teeth and gums while protecting the planet.

Discover our zero waste toothbrush now!

For whiter, healthier teeth

White teeth are the result of effective brushing combined with good oral health. Nano bamboo toothbrushes dramatically increase the efficiency of each brushing and achieve a bright smile quickly.

To make brushing a pleasure

The gum line (junction between the gum and the tooth) is very sensitive to the accumulation of bacteria from dental plaque. In addition to creating bleeding, the bristles of a conventional toothbrush are too thick to clean this area.

Our toothbrushes take particular care to eliminate dental plaque from this area, as well as gaps between your teeth thanks to its 10,000 micro bristlesWithout bleeding or discomfort, brushing your teeth becomes a real pleasure!

The first eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush that takes care of your gums

Our zero waste toothbrush is made from premium quality bamboo to give you the very best available today. Completely biodegradable, it allows you to perfectly clean your teeth without being harmful to the environment.

In addition, its bamboo handle is very soft and pleasant to offer you an optimal grip.

Why use bad green plastic toothbrushes when there is a zero-waste alternative?

Do like them!

Don’t waste a second to experience new brushing sensations while respecting the planet, order now!


Materials: 100% Biodegradable bamboo fiber

Colors: Natural bamboo

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