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Working out at home has never been this good. Our booty bands which are unisex in nature, will help you get your perfect booty and legs fast. Easy to use and see results with just putting in 10 minutes worth of home workout everyday. The Resistance bands for glutes is very durable, because it is made out of natural latex, thus its ability to withstand the push and pull associated with this sort of workout routine. These bands will never snap.

Our bands are small resistance band loops that are used to improve the performance of lower body parts exercises. Therefore, it is basically focused on the gluteal muscles. These Booty bands are usually wide in shape, the size of the flat resistance band loop is around 12 inches or more with the tensile strength.


Home workout: Our bands let you see amazing results without needing other equipment or a gym membership!
Activate your glutes: Up to 400% more glute activation
Tone and shape: Improve your squats, correct your posture, and see better toning of your muscles

Prevent injury: Strengthens your biggest muscles & teaches you the correct form ensuring you are protected against injury and you are building a strong strength foundation.
Burn fats and calories: Our Fabric Resistance Bands train your biggest muscle groups and aids fats and calorie burn

 Take back your comfort with the all-new Booty Elastic Resistance band, made from a high tensile material. This booty band is strong and can never snap and yet soft against the skin. it will not dig in, pinch or pull hairs. Fitness enthusiasts love to use these bands to quickly activate their glutes and also engage hips through a variety of exercises for the lower body. Hence, the main focus of using booty bands is to encourage glutes, hips, and legs complex to offer butt and thigh a more powerful as well as attractive physique by encouraging a muscular and rounded shape. Considering the different needs of individuals, these bands come in flat, fixed, and also wide sizes that can be adjusted as required.

These bands are designed to wield multiple tension strength levels as per the need of the user. The selection of a booty band considering tension strength may be based on the expected exercise choice and also intensity. The Elastic Band is firm, rigid but flexible in nature The thick width and the inner latex grip sewn into the bands means they will not roll during ANY exercise.


THREE FABRIC BOOTY RESISTANCE BANDS: Challenge yourself with heavy, medium, and light resistance. Our bands also have the benefit of being all the same size – and the resistance comes from different elasticities within the fabric. This means the bands provide resistance in the full range of motion.

FULL TRAINING RESOURCES: Complete expert-approved training guide and videos included.

CARRY CASE: Waterproof portable carry case to keep the bands together in your gym bag.

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