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This product has two cat bowls that are perfect for cats and puppies. Our elevated cat food bowl is made from German material AS 368R which keeps the bowl’s transparent color for a long time. The stand is made from ABS GPM5600 material, which is very durable and stable, holds 7 ounces, and does not contain any harmful substances.



The 15° tilted platform helps reduce the stress of your cat’s neck, and prevents arthritis or back pain. The best feeding posture for both cats and small dogs! The pet bowl offers easy and comfortable eating for your pet.



Pet bowls are made of 5A food-grade PC material. Non-toxic, no odor, natural environmental protection, light, strong structure, and non-friable. It can keep the bowl in transparent color for a long time. The stand is made of ABS material, which is more durable and stable when in use.



The bowls are removable from the elevated stand so it’s easy to take it out to wash and keep clean, what’s more, The removable bowls are also convenient for adding food or water



The stable bottom base of our elevated pet food bowl keeps the dishes securely in place and prevents the bowls from slipping off and creating a mess or startling your pet. There is no need to worry about your pets overturning the bowl and making a mess on the floor.

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