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🎁 Changeable Magnetic Magic Cube

This PATENTED Award Winning puzzle that will be the hit toy for anyone this year – from excited kids to fascinated grandparents.

Unlock the mystery of the Magnetic cube!
All Magnetic cubes are made of 100% recycled ABS injection mold plastic, tear-resistant stickers, and have 36 internal rare earth magnets enclosed within each cube! Both the ABS plastic and rare earth magnets are recyclable ♻️ at the end of their life! Combine 2 or more Magnetic cubes to build larger shapes and create more possibilities. Can you master the shape-shifting box?

One magnetic cube can transform into over 70 shapes which means there’s something new to discover with every twist.

Collect and connect.

The more magnetic cubes the better!

Can you and your child master combining shapes?

Connecting multiple magnetic cubes is an engaging activity that will connect you as a family. You’ll be amazed at what you can create together!

Friendly Reminder

Ages 6+ (unless supervised by an adult)

This toy contains magnets or magnetic components. Magnets might impact the function of electronic devices. People with pacemakers are notΒ recommended to play with this toy to avoid any possible impact to the pacemaker.

Package Includes

1 xΒ Changeable Magnetic Magic Cube

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