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Boost your beard growth for a youthful appearance 10X faster!

Designed for fast and effective beard growth, this beard growth set will help activate sleeping beard follicles and boost blood circulation to bring you the result you want! It works by creating thousands of microscopic channels underneath your skin to deliver essential nutrients, which leads to hair growth in spots where you couldn’t grow anything before.

Whether you want to grow a fuller beard or filling bald spots, the non-greasy beard growth oil will deeply penetrate, nourish, and accelerate hair growth to achieve a fuller, younger look faster and easier!


Boost Beard Growth 10X Faster
Activates and accelerates hair follicles to grow a fuller, thicker beard in just weeks!

Quick & Easy To Use 
Rollback and forth across the area you want to work on applying light pressure, that’s it!

Fuller, Healthier Beard in Two Weeks
It delivers essential nutrients that promote beard growth and strengthen the hair prevent breakage.

Effective for Fighting Bald Spots

Non-Greasy Organic Formula
Formulated with ginseng, ginger, and a blend of organic extracts that nourish your beard without looking greasy.

Safe, Painless to Use

For All Skin Types

Apply 2 pumps of the activator essence with the roller after washing your face every morning.
We recommended using the beard roller 2-3 times a week for best results.
Wash the roller with warm water after use.

1 x Beard Growth Roller Set (Roller & 30ml Bear Growth Essence Oil)
Or 1 x Beard Growth Roller
Or 1 x Beard Growth Essence Spray

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