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Providing smooth, easy movement in either direction, the swivel cushion rotates a full 360 degreesexit or enter any seat without straining your back or hips by twisting and pivoting.

Regarding the elderly, kids, injured ones, or even disabled, everyone can get in & out of their car EASILY & PAIN-FREE with 360° Rotating Seat Cushion!


Backed with textured, non-slip material, the contoured swivel seat base stays securely in place while the cushion freely rotates with your body.

The Swivel Seat Cushion provides a soft seating surface that reduces the strain on joints and muscles.
Comfortable: made of lightweight, breathable fabric, Mat fabric conforms to the fit of the seat for the best possible fit and maximum comfort during transfers when space is limited.
PORTABLE: The Swivel Seat Cushion has a lightweight and portable design. Easy for you to pack and bring it anywhere especially while traveling.
Ideal for seats with a flat surface, use the lightweight and portable swivel seat at the office, in the car, and at home. great for those with limited mobility, the comfortable rotating cushion is backed with a nonslip, textured material to reduce unwanted movement.


MATERIAL: PP + Flannel + Memory sponge
WEIGHT: 300 g
SIZE: 15.7*17.7 in (40.0 cm * 45.0 cm)
COLOR: Coffee/Gray

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